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Do you want to make sure you are hiring or housing candidates with the best references and verifications? KCB Screening can ensure your applicants are upfront and honest regarding their previous employment and housing. We authenticate this information through multiple measures. Depending on how you want the results achieved, KCB Screening can reach out to previous employers and landlords via email or through a series of phone calls.

Through our systems unique ability to make this process seamless, we will contact and email your applicant's previous or current landlord or employer to make sure they information they are providing is accurate and truthful. We will let you know if the client was being complete honest or attempting to cut corners with their information to ensure they get the job. After our verification process, you will know whether the candidate is right for the opportunity.

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Education Verification

Do you want to ensure your applicant has the degree or schooling credentials they say they have? We can find this information for you. We have a few different options available for this verification. We can go through our traditional educational verification route or our system will allow the applicant to seamlessly log into their school records and report them to us. This cuts the cost of this verification incredibly!

Employment Verification

Has your potential employee mentioned they were hired as an astronaut and flown to the moon and back? Probably not, but we can make sure and find this information for you. On a more serious note, we can provide information that includes amount of time spent with their previous employer, past salary and previous title.

Residence Verification

Are you a landlord wanting to house a new individual? Have they told you they have pets? Or make an X amount more than the rent required to move in? We verify with residences provided by the applicant to ensure your rental is in good hands. Don’t let a bad tenant destroy your property or cause unnecessary property damage. Let us handle your verifications and make sure the keys get put into the right hands.

Professional Reference Verification

Does your applicant have some stellar professional references that need to be verified? We will reach out via phone and email to ensure the references they listed are legitimate references. We can find out: how they know the individual, in what capacity they worked together and how long they've known/worked together. We use a standard list of questions to verify this information and ensure you are hiring the right individual for the opportunity.

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KCB services many other verification services, which include military record verifications, CA workers compensation reports and Motor Vehicle Verifications. If you see anything not included on this list, ask us and we will find the perfect verification for your company’s needs!
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