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KCB Screening has access to all 50 states, and can access driving records based off a driver’s license and social security. Reviewing your candidate’s driving records is critical for volunteers, employees and independent contractors that operate vehicles or heavy machinery for work purposes. Driving records are sometimes overlooked, however DMV records are critical when determining if a candidate is a safe driver. Motor vehicle records can help your company avoid fiscal liability and more importantly, safety.

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Benefits of running a motor vehicle driving record check include:

Hiring Qualified Candidates

Hiring individuals that have a safe driving history

Maintain fiscal safety through hiring trustworthy employees

Protect your company against impediment and protect your organization’s reputation

Many industries benefit from ordering motor vehicle records, however some industries where these are almost essential include:

Commercial Drivers

Truck Drivers

Delivery Drivers

Night Drivers

A driver’s records search requires a specific amount of information. This information includes:

A full name of the Candidate, as shown on their license

Driver’s License Number

State of Issuance

A driving records check searches a specific sate's department of motor vehicles. This will typically show if your applicant has a valid driver’s license, and whether this individual has had a driving violation. This will also show if their license is currently suspended or has been suspended within the past.

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