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Staffing companies have it tough. You are expected to bring forth the best candidates possible in a quick and timely fashion. Your services are more than just providing an abled body for the job. You are tasked with finding the most established and applicable person for the job. Be rest assured though, you do not have to tackle this task alone. Let KCB Screening help siphon through some of the not so good hires.

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We understand staffing agencies work with employers of all capacities.

Do you have employers that want extremely specific items searched regarding their candidates? Do they expect you to screen through multiple different jurisdictions? KCB can accommodate.

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Some of our unique options for screenings include the ability to:

Order in Bulk

Don’t get bogged down with the number of screenings you need to get done. Order in bulk and take the stress off individually implementing each candidate.

Complete Faster

Our ability to integrate, e-consent and quick app features allow your potential candidates to complete the process faster. This allows them to get working quicker, and keeps your affiliated employers happy!

Weed out the not so good candidates

KCB gets it. Not every candidate is the best option for the job. Let us help you determine the best fit your affiliated hires.

KCB Screening’s platform can be adjusted to fit your companies specific needs. We can create custom packages for each of your clients, adhere to all industry standards and regulations, and can even provide some easy to understand invoicing/billing. We can also have the processed automated and streamlined by integrating with your current platforms. Ask us about this process and/or provide your current system to see if we integrate! We have hundreds of different integrations, readily available. If you need something specific and custom, please let us know and we will discuss how this process would work moving forward.

KCB Screening does not provide standard packages for staffing agencies as we understand every company's needs you work with will vary. Ask us what we suggest for screening packages for the specific industry or create your own easily be clicking get started.

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Keep your reputation high with your partnered companies by choosing KCB Screening to do your screenings and drug testing.

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