The nonprofit industry is growing at a rapid rate.

Do you need to find volunteers for your nonprofit? How about your religious entity? Do you want to ensure that you’re compliant with the law while finding the right volunteers for this summer’s kids camp? KCB Screening has got you covered.

Individuals interested in serving are often providing services for the world’s most at risk populations. Employee and volunteer background checks are incredibly useful in protecting these individuals from employees and volunteers with ulterior motives.
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While we have packages and screening products that can be more extensive in price, we have simplified products that are quick, cost efficient and can help mitigate risk. Save your communities from harm and yourself from potential lawsuits by performing a basic background search on potential candidates. We understand the value of volunteering. Do your due diligence and ensure you are bringing the safest and most secure candidates to your volunteer team. 

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We can have you screening within the same day you send an inquiry.

Some of the features that make us the perfect option for your nonprofit screening include:

Ongoing Criminal Monitoring

We can include monitoring to your criminal searches that will show any new inquiries that might show up on someone’s criminal record.

Compliance Across All 50 States

We ensure compliance across all 50 states. We will ensure background checks are compliant, and the correct paperwork is maintained throughout the screening process.

Quick and Affordable Packages

Find the right package and screening products that won’t break your nonprofits bank account.

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