Construction companies need to ensure they are creating the safest environment possible.

Creating the safest work environment possible starts with developing a reliable and steadfast work team. Do you need a safe, reliable, product and efficient team? Then let KCB Screening be your go to for verifying candidates.
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Safety and Reliability

Using KCB Screening’s quick and reliable platform, you can ensure your individuals have the experience and due diligence required for the job. We understand the turnover rate is incredibly high within the construction industry. Let us ensure your candidates are the perfect fit for your construction team.
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KCB Screening has a few different options available for employers.

We have a quick and easy platform that lets you run the screenings yourself or you an try out our simple applicant tracking system that lets you send a link to the potential candidate’s email.

Using KCB Screening’s system allows for a faster screening turnaround time. In an industry with a high employee turnover rate, it is important for you, the employer, to keep up. Do not get booged down with complicated systems and lengthy wait times.

This allows them to:

Pay for the screening.

Type their personal information in themselves.

Ensures the information is accurate, as they are inputting the information themselves.

Do you need to have screening options that vary between different locations?

Are you looking for extensive background checks depending on the position? We have got you covered and can make screening packages that are in as little or as much detail as desired. Do you prefer your candidates to have employee references/their previous work history checked? We can provide that. Do you want us to search at the specific county level from past addresses? We can handle that also.

With KCB Screening, you can be as diligent or lenient as desired. Give us a call or get started with setting up you screening account today! 

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