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Preemployment Background Checks

KCB Screening provides a comprehensible and efficient screening process for your company. Through our screening process, we can ensure you are making the right decisions for your company. Understanding your applicants is crucial when finding the perfect fit for your job.

Bringing a new hire is a risk. You are investing your company’s time, resources and skilled personal on a future hire. Make sure you are choosing the safest and most qualified applicants through KCB Screening’s background searches. Don’t let a new hire harm and hinder your business. We have standard packages, however we can design the perfect package for your companies needs. Just ask about our personalized packages. Know your candidate before you trust them with your company's needs!

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Background Checks

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KCB Screening provides a comprehensible and efficient screening process for your company. We also can have all of these products easily accessible within your current applicant tracking system. 

Some other basic screening options include:

Social Security Number (SSN) ID Search

KCB’s Social Security Number Search accesses credit and criminal information to help better understand your candidate. KCB Screening utilizes this search to verify your candidates past residential history. This helps you determine which counties and state jurisdictions to search when performing your comprehensive search.

National Criminal Search

This is a staple search for KCB Screening. Our National Criminal Search searches hundreds of millions of files throughout the entire United States. This is an instant search and results will be represented immediately. This is done by utilizing an applicant’s birthdate and full name.

County Criminal Records

The county criminal records search is our most in depth search and provides data at the county level. KCB Screening utilizes digital and in person verifications with all counties across America. We are proud of our ability to access data from every county in the United States. We understand the importance of bringing safe candidates into your company. Ask about County Criminal Records and find out how you can customize this option within your package!

State Criminal Records

KCB Screening has access to records at the state level. If you want to find out about your candidate’s criminal history within a specific state, this is a viable option. This is an instant search and results will be presented immediately.

Federal Criminal Records

KCB’s Federal Criminal Records Search analyzes information at the federal level at one of the 94 U.S. District Courts. Charges that have been deemed criminal by federal law are entries such as tax evasions, interstate kidnapping, wire fraud and drug trafficking. This is a great addition for individuals being put in places of authority and financial responsibility. 

Global Security and Financial Watch List

This search is recommended for sporting events, volunteer organizations and festival/concert staffing. This search obtains information on candidates and if they're possibly linked to terrorism or anything that might put them on a government watch list.

National Sexual Offender Records

The national Sexual Offender Records search accesses all 50 states and provides data from Native American Tribe Registries. This is a perfect addition for all employment; however, we especially recommend this product for Religious nonprofits, education and volunteer organizations.

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