A Nationwide Leader In Employee and Tenant Screening

KCB, LLC, provides a wide variety of services that streamline the screening process. We can provide you with services that are catered to your specific needs. No matter the size of your business, we can provide all the screenings and licensing information so you can make the best choice for your future hire or future tenant applicant. KCB is nationally accredited and ready to serve you!

KCB Screening is an online screening platform that gives you the freedom to order screenings when you desire. You can conduct searches through KCB Screening, 24/7, with no time restraints.


Our Desire to Simplify Your Application Process

KCB screening aims to give you the most secure and accurate information regarding your future employee or tenant. We take pride in our amazing customer service and our strong understanding of the screening industry. We utilize advanced technology that allows for quick access of the screenings you need. We have a dedicated staff with offices on the west and east coast that are ready to serve you!

KCB is a Company Operated Through Efficiency

Clients use our platform to make their leasing and employment processes easy and concise. We have clients all over the nation that depend on our services and low prices every day. We utilize our databases to ensure our clients are making the most educated decision for their future tenant or employee. KCB Screening has an advanced software that allows for quick and secure access through thousands of different databases. These affiliated databases have given us the ability to syphon through faulty and inaccurate information. This allows you to choose the best possible candidate for your upcoming tenant or hire. With our ability to use an instascreen platform and vast amounts of integrations, you can access all your tenant and employee information directly from our sign in portal. All the products and screening solutions will be presented right in front you allowing you to quickly gain the information you need. We can even find information from Canadian databases.

KCB Screening
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