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Don’t trust just anybody with your property.

Nothing is more stressful than having a bad tenant. Save yourself the headache, and use KCB Screening to screen and verify your future tenant. We will make sure you find a candidate that you feel confident about. Finding the right tenant could save you hours of time as well as financial hardships. Find the right, low risk renter through KCB screenings amazing process. We can build packages that are as thorough as you want.

KCB Screening has access to all three credit bureaus. You want us to pull information on a potential candidate from a specific credit bureau? We got you. You want a Tri merge report to make sure the applicant’s credit is where it needs to be? We can do that also.

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With our tenant screening platform, we have a wide variety of screening packages that go into as little or as much detail as desired. Do you currently use a property management software and want us to integrate with your system? We can accomplish that too.

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Some of our basic tenant screening options include:

Credit Report

Credit information is invaluable regarding your future tenant. Do you want to ensure your future applicant has not overextended themselves? Do you want to ensure they have no previous housing expenses that have gone to collections? We can provide a hard pull credit report that accesses all this information and more! This credit report will provide a score as well as hard pull on their credit.

KCB Nationwide Background Check

KCB Screening has access to nationwide records which include millions of records. Has your applicant lived in multiple states and decided to embark on a new journey across the country and ended up at your property for potential housing? Well KCB has got you covered. We can access data within the last seven years on this potential applicant nationwide! We can also go even further into the applicant’s criminal history and search by the county. We can search a resident’s previous county and report any incidents at the county jurisdictional level.

Nationwide Eviction Report

Having a past eviction is a good indicator that the applicant has had some residential problems in the past. As you are getting ready to take on a new tenant, find out if they have been previously evicted with our nationwide eviction report. We will access our databases resources and provide the necessary information for you to make an informed decision regarding your future tenant.

Employment Verification

While we cannot pay the bills for you, we can surely make sure the applicant is in a strong position financially to take on your property’s monthly rent. We will work with the applicant’s previous and current employer to provide employment and salary information. This is a great option if you are wanting to ensure the applicant has worked at a specific place for a certain amount of time, as well as their income with that employer.

Residence Verification

This is another great addition to your screening package as we will reach out to previous residential managers/landlords to ensure the applicant was a good tenant. Do you want to know if their was any property damage, pets or disturbances with their neighbors? This is information we can find through speaking with their previous property managers/landlords.


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