Appropriate Hires are critical for the education industry.

Do you want to ensure you are hiring the safest candidate for your public or private school? Do you want to ensure you are not bringing sex offenders into the fold of your companies’ operations? Save your educational institute and more importantly, the little ones from possible predatory threats.

KCB Screening wants to ensure you are making the best decisions possible. We take pride in our ability to provide a thorough analysis of your potential hire.

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KCB can offer many services to help ensure you are choosing the right candidate for the job. This includes:

5/10 Panel drug tests

SSN Verification

Professional License Verifications

Background Checks at all Jurisdictional Levels

Employment Verifications

Sex Offender Registry Search

Education Credit Report

700 Million Records

We pull records from every state and our nationwide search is considered a staple with every package. We can also ensure your candidate is not on a sex offender registry and fugitive wanted lists, which includes the FBI Terrorist List. Accompanied with all this, you should include a county search associated with the applicant’s residence. While the nationwide is considered a wide acting safety net, the county search will be able to dig deeper into the candidates criminal history, just to provide that extra level of protection for your school’s little ones.

Higher Education

We talk a big game regarding our grade school, middle school, and high school screening services; however, we are just as proficient with higher education. Do you need screenings for your higher education institute? We got your back. Do not let your higher educational institution be at risk. Leave nothing to chance; keep the risk, chance, and possible brand defamation to a minimum, by properly screening your candidates. In addition to the staff members, we can also provide background screenings for college applicants and potential students.

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