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I9 Verifications

I-9 verifications are time consuming and are often performed incorrectly. Through our sophisticated software, you will be alerted if any of the information being entered is incorrect. The I-9 is a crucial piece of evidence that shows one’s ability to work in the United States. This can all be done through our E-verify process, saving you and your staff precious time. Don’t continue to do them the manual way. Ask us about our I-9 verification process and how we can get that facilitated for you!

Any employee hired after November 6th 1986 is required to complete the I-9 form. Even though this is a requirement, mistakes are often made and over half of I-9 verifications contain errors.

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Through our platform, we allow the ability to:

Manage the entire I-9 process

Detect potential errors and ensure the forms are accurate and complete

Organize all I-9 forms.

Gain the ability to send out electronic I-9s with an automated notification system that documents alerts

Our electronic process has completely revamped the way 1-9 verifications are performed. Using our electronic platform  can dramatically speed up the process. Utilizing our electronic process also helps ensure you are creating a centralized management of all electronically administered I-9 verifications. Give us a call or click get started and ask how we can get you set up today!

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