KCB Screening Is a new and adaptive company.

We strive to provide excellence and remain relevant to our partnered companies. We operate under an efficient scope and strive to continually enhance and grow the screening industry. KCB Screening got started in Orange County California, and operates in cognition with KCB Credit, an extremely successful Credit Reporting Agency. Partnered with KCB Credit, we strive to provide the most accurate data, at a quick and efficient rate. This means we are completely open to integrations, new software development and innovative advancements.

KCB Screening strives to keep things simple. We do not want to boog you down with tricky terminology or complex systems. We have a platform that becomes familiar and is easily accessible for our clients. Through our platform, you can access real time data that is accurate and efficient. Most importantly, we strive to do this at an affordable price. KCB is incredibly technologically driven, giving us the ability to automate most of our practices. This means that we can keep the prices for the consumer at an incredibly low price. This also means that most of our products and screening services will be developed instantly. Accompanied with amazing customer service, and a fantastic contact and processing team, we are confident in our abilities to create an amazing product for our clients.