With some of the challenges presented to staffing agencies, we understand the need for effective, efficient, and affordable screenings. For employers, staffing agencies have a crucial task ahead of them. Finding the right candidate for your client can be made easy with KCB’s simple screening technology. We can supply you with the information your client wants on a prospective hire. This lets you, as the staffing agency, know you are presenting the right candidate for the job. We can also allow you and your team to work together on screening tasks, allowing you to monitor your team’s efforts regarding your client’s next hire. This is done by allowing multiple users on one account.

  • With KCB Screening, you can order in bulk. This allows you to quickly find the information you need while presenting a multitude of candidates for possible hire. This is a quick way to screen multiple candidates at once.
  • Everything can be done paperless, saving valuable time, and ensuring the entire process is as efficient as possible.
  • We want you to make the decisions yourself, with the information we provide. With our screening services, you can find an employee with the most applicable references and education.
  • KCB can also provide custom integrations for your current platform. Whatever software you are already using, KCB can integrate directly, with a seamless connection. This will help you avoid multiple logins and save you the frustration!

We understand that one hire does not fit all, and every client wants something different. With our services, you can design custom packages for your client and design the perfect product for their needs. We have screening options that are specific to each industry, that can help you stand out as a staffing agency.

Whatever industry you are tasked with staffing for, find the right fit through KCB Screening.

KCB Screening
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